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Our founder, Brian Linder, AIA, is a licensed architect and real estate broker who built his practice around the notion that architectural design adds significant value to properties. Rick Grahn is our partner in Los Angeles. He is an extremely seasoned realtor, having more than 30 years of experience in the business and represented many pedigreed architectural properties in his career. Our newest addition to the team is Mike Berardi, our director of operations.

We believe there is value in good design. Our team understands how to maximize the potential of design-oriented architecture.

Our passion is properties with design integrity

Focusing on Austin and Los Angeles, we work with both buyers and sellers of unique architectural properties from the 19th, 20th, and 21st-centuries. Our expertise spans from early-California adobe to the timeless homes of the ’20s and ‘30s, through mid-century modern architecture and the contemporary design of our current era. Architectural homes provide countless lifestyle benefits and carry higher premiums; therefore, these homes tend to be less sensitive to market fluctuations.

We believe that good design comes at any price point, and our full-service team is committed to helping a broad spectrum of buyers and sellers. Whether you are looking for a $1,500 lease or a $10,000,000 showpiece, our vast knowledge of the industry and decades of market expertise ensures your experience is smooth, professional, and stress-free. 

We are known for our ability to market architecture in a way that virtually guarantees owners the highest possible prices for their unique properties. We don’t just sell real estate. We market architecture as fine art, reaching out to design enthusiasts and presenting your property in a way that captures the imagination of those with aesthetic understanding and appreciation.

The Gallery is devoted to the non-commercial aspect of what we do: promoting Los Angeles & Austin Architects’ work as the art that it is. In most cases, the work featured here is not for sale, but it is representative of architects and designers we admire. Design professionals find this venue advantageous, as do our real estate clients. For designers, it’s free advertising and opportunity to showcase work for the thousands of visitors to our site. For our clients, the forum is a vehicle for helping select designers for new projects. Frequently in the course of helping our clients buy and sell homes, we recommend local architects, contractors, and subcontractors.

If you are an Architect that would like to be featured, or are featured and would like your page updated please reach out to us! We are always looking to update our content!

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Enhancing technology and marketing with Compass

In August 2019, we decided to join Compass, uniting our Los Angeles and Austin office under one umbrella. A technology & real estate marketing company, Compass offers many unique tools and approaches to amplify our reach and enhance our clients’ experience. The move to Compass empowers our team to focus on the people-centric aspects of our business. Our clients benefit from the best of both worlds–cutting-edge technology and incredible local service.

We look forward to working with you!

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