William Baker

billWilliam Baker began his relationship with deasy/penner nearly 10 years ago: as a client, first. With a keen eye and interest in mid century modern architecture, William searched for the perfect home in several Southern California counties, deciding to settle in L.A.’s east side community of Montecito Heights in a house he purchased with deasy/penner representing him as agency of record. His home is a beautiful beacon of mid century design in this unique, up & coming hillside community clustered between Downtown and Pasadena.

William has decades of experience in sales and marketing, and is known for working collaboratively with satisfied clients. Throughout his professional career as a sales agent, William has been involved in the home furnishing and design business. With an impeccable eye for detail, William has passion and a deep commitment to working with clients to identify, negotiate and close business transactions.

Throughout his life, William’s clients, associates, friends and family have looked to, leaned on and trusted him for his opinion, whether their need is his practical, aesthetic, emotional, ethical advice – or just good judgment. He moved to the Golden State from Chicago in the early 2000’s when the international design company he’s worked with for nearly 20 years asked him to lead West Coast sales. He first lived at the sunny shores of Orange County in Newport Beach, but decided ultimately that Los Angeles’ more urban, sophisticated and cutting-edge vibe felt more like home to him. Since buying his dream property with deasy/penner, he’s sought out and soaked up everything L.A. has to offer – it’s eclectic real estate, diverse cultures, art, music, beer, and food, fashion and fun. A native of Detroit, you can now find him on weekends and warm summer evenings wringing out a German car (he’s bought and sold more than 50 of them since the day he turned 16), running, biking and hiking around the Arroyo, Rose Bowl, Griffith Park, Santa Monica mountains, or in the Audubon sanctuary in what LA Magazine called one of the town’s best kept secret outdoor areas, Deb’s Park, just steps out the front door of his home.

William is pleased to bring his professional and personal passions and integrity to deasy/penner, its partners and its clients.

• Member of local, state and National Association of Realtors