Bondanelli Design Group

With experience in the realms of residential, commercial, hospitality, and health care, the firm’s completed projects range from single-family residences and country clubs to hair salons, boutiques, restaurants and high-rise tenant improvements. Bondanelli Design Group projects have been guided by a commitment to promote both good design and good stewardship of our increasingly vulnerable environment.

Bondanelli Design Group residential projects are guided by the principle that a home is a sanctuary, a calm oasis in an increasingly frenetic world. To bring this sanctuary concept to fruition, our services bring together the expertise and unique perspective of each person involved in the project?starting with you, the client, and our Bondanelli Design Group team, an array of consultants including structural and mechanical engineers with whom we have longstanding relationships, all the way to individual contractors and fabricators. Our aesthetic is strongly influenced by the design vernacular of various Asian cultures, with their emphasis on horizontality, simplicity, and beautiful functionality.

By: Brian Linder