Chioco Design

Chioco Design is a firm concerned with creativity and the economics of designing and making architecture and interiors. Our residential and commercial projects explore challenges unique to site, program, material and environmental and economic issues. We investigate solutions that are inventive, honest, and responsive to the entire scope of problems presented by a project. The realization and success of every project is accomplished by careful collaboration between client, consultants, designer and contractor.

Jamie Chioco is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma School of Architecture. Prior to establishing Chioco Design in 2006, he earned an Associates position with Dick Clark Architecture in Austin, Texas, where he was employed for eight years. As project designer, he was responsible for numerous residential, retail, and restaurant projects. He continues this pursuit in the firm’s present body of work.


Jamie Chioco – Principal
Vanessa Francis – Project Manager
Ben Dimmitt – Project Manager
Mikel Bennett – Project Manager
Scott Burroughs – Project Manager
Samantha Cigarroa – Project Manager
Virigia Adkins – Account Manager

By: Brian Linder