Chu + Gooding


Based in Los Angeles, CHU+GOODING Architects offers distinctive architectural design to institutional, education and arts related clients.  Emphasizing high design quality, attention to detail of spatial perception, materiality, and performance, the firm is founded on the belief that a successful environment must be both engaging and useful.


Both principals Annie Chu and Rick Gooding along with partner Michael Matteucci strongly advocate a collaborative design process. Beginning in the earliest stages of a project, and continuing through a building’s completion, CHU+GOODING Architects integrates architecture, landscape, and interior design – recognizing that all these elements are necessarily interrelated parts of a well conceived whole.


Combining 48 years of professional experience, Annie Chu and Rick Gooding have built an award-winning body of work as principals of their own firm with an extensive list of credits featuring projects on both coasts as well as overseas.  CHU+GOODING have contributed to over two dozen projects recognized by national and international architectural publications, and have received over 30 internationally recognized awards for excellence in design.

By: Brian Linder