Clayton&Little Architects

Clayton&Little is an architecture firm uniquely connected to the thriving and energetic spirit of Austin. The Austin Business Journal has named Clayton&Little a Top 25 Architecture Firm for four years running.

Walking a deliberate and elegant line between the historic and the contemporary, Clayton&Little’s studio embodies the firm?s philosophy. Housed in a carefully restored Victorian building and Austin landmark, the firm resides comfortably next to one of Clayton&Little’s own creations, a dramatic and modern house.

This juxtaposition is a metaphor reiterated on many levels: The character of old Austin evolving to embrace new generations and viewpoints without losing its authenticity; historic buildings reborn and happily coexisting with modern, forward-looking structures; and for Clayton&Little itself, the accomplished career of Emily Little merging with the innovative talents of Paul Clayton.

The old meets the new in a marriage made more beautiful and resilient for its contrasts. The result is responsive, adaptive, authentic architecture.

By: Brian Linder