Forge Craft Architecture + Design

FORGE CRAFT ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN is a professional architecture firm offering professional design services with a primary focus on architecture and related tactile arts such as interior architecture, industrial/product design, furniture design, exhibition design and an ongoing active interest in pursuing private and civic real estate development opportunities.


“Design” is the “purpose or planning that exists behind an action, fact, or object.” “Forge” is defined as “to form or make by concentrated effort.” “Craft” is “skill in making.” Our organization is built around a clear principle: to plan with purpose and then make by concentrated effort and with great skill.

We also see the terms “Forge” and “Craft” as mediating between two opposing concepts that are central to the act of making architecture. “Forge” encompasses the raw power necessary to complete any building – harvesting raw materials, transporting and directing large quantities of energy through its labor force. “Craft” entails the finer qualities of design and focus and small scale minutiae that make our building fit for human inhabitation.


Founders Scott Ginder and Rommel Sulit have combined their wide range of project experience and project scales with the intention of producing architecture that benefits from an enhanced understanding of design and construction.

By: Brian Linder