Jay Hargrave Architecture


As a team of experienced architects, designers, fabricators and constructors, we deliver more than our competitors because we are actively involved with every step of the project from designing documents to handing the finished product over to you. Our architects design to build and know how to build what we design. Visit our Austin office and fabrication shop and you will immediately understand how we deliver a superior product. Make an appointment today to discuss your project with Jay and his team.

Jay Hargrave is a native of Austin with over 25 years of experience as an Austin architect, designing and constructing what he designs. Our team has hands on skills that few architects possess. Our portfolio includes projects of all types and sizes. We have an Austin office and fabrication shop, and can provide free, pre-design assistance as well as help coordinating your project financing. We provide you one point of contact for design and construction which ensures efficient project management, quality control and ultimate accountability.


Many of our customers come to us with strong ideas about their project and the way they expect it to be delivered. Thus we attribute our architecture solutions to the vision of the customer and our process. That is why our projects look so different from one another; they are expressive of the individuals that commission them.

As architects, our responsibility is to understand and develop the customer’s vision. From there we then assess, plan and construct. We’re not just an Austin architecture firm, but more, we’re a modern architecture and design firm that constructs buildings and building components. Our facility is set up with three components: an architectural design studio, a construction office, and a fabrication shop.

We build what we design because that’s what makes us happy. As it turns out this integration is not only efficient but it creates a rich intellectual capital through communication across the fence that often separates design and construction. We believe our activities in construction improve us as designers and our inherent understanding of the design makes us better constructors. I like to tell people that we have removed the fence. We integrate and utilize conventions in design and construction to generate extraordinary projects efficiently.

This broad focus has proven to be beneficial in assessing, planning and constructing architectural projects for Austin residential and commercial customers. MEET OUR TEAM.


By: Brian Linder