Kartwheel Craftsmanship


Kartwheel Craftsmanship LLC is a fully insured company in Austin, Texas making spaces and the objects inside them that inspire, enliven and comfort. To ensure the highest quality, we commit to the project’s full lifespan, conceiving the overall vision and rendering each detail to perfection. We use wood, steel and a range of other materials to bring ideas big or small to life with our own two hands.

We answer design problems with original solutions, balancing down-to-earth materials with clean proportions and anchoring playful ideas with uncompromising quality and disciplined craftsmanship. Despite the hours and sweat we put into each one-of-a-kind design, we believe nothing is too precious to kick back and put your feet on. Life is meant to be lived and our creations are meant to be lived in.

Give us a call and let’s cook something up.

What We Do

With a 2,000-square-foot shop fully equipped for bringing every-size idea to life, we collaborate with retailers, restaurateurs, homeowners, interior designers and creative agencies on a range of projects, including:

Custom furniture
General contracting
Steel fabrication
Design solutions
Commissioned artwork

By: Brian Linder