Lean Arch, Inc.



The Architectural Design/Build practice of LEAN ARCH, Inc. was established in the summer of 2000 and officially incorporated in August 2001. Founder James Meyer describes the office as a Design/Build collaborative focusing mostly on residential, commercial and civic-oriented architecture, but as also having worked on a variety of projects ranging from furniture and product design to corporate branding, packaging and graphics. Founded on the principles of modernism, the firm strongly believes that architecture and the built environment has the ability to improve people?s lives ? their physical surroundings, their appreciation of nature, their understanding of the arts, and their relationships with one another. The firm is committed to offering ideas that address the specific needs of a client while remaining conscious of the physical and psychological impact a work will have on both nature and the human-made environment.

LEAN ARCH is a full-service firm offering Architectural Design and Construction Services. The office prides itself on the quality and extent of service provided to clients. All projects, regardless of scale, are given the same level of attention ??right down to the doorknobs.? A variety of techniques are used in the presentation of design ideas. These may range from sketches on paper to more realistic computer generated 3D models and animations. From the conceptual or schematic phase, through construction, LEAN ARCH works closely with clients, consultants and contractors to make sure that what has been designed is what will be constructed. Objectives have always been met by keeping in mind the idea that people must work together to solve a problem. More ideas, better solutions.

By: Brian Linder