Nic Holland Architects

In the architecture of personal spaces, from houses and schools to places of business, there is always a lot to be learned and much to reconcile. But there is only one rule: the architecture must be about the people who plan to use it.

The work of Nic Holland Architects is about personal places and the personal spaces within and around them. Ultimately, it is about individual people and what they love. And that can be about one thing or everything: dramatic views; dining and entertaining; intimate settings; horses; breezes and natural light; Africa; European Castles; a seaplane; private collections; natureā€¦

The places you are invited to explore on our website are the result of candid communication and mutual trust. Some represent a second or a third collaboration. In every case there was a common commitment to understand what was wanted at the most personal level and to express it authentically.

By: Brian Linder