North Arrow Studio

The name North Arrow Studio represents a method of designing in which no part of the basic project information is taken for granted. The most elemental information gathered in the design process is that of the site, beginning with the orientation of the project. Which way is north in the property? This singular piece of information follows one throughout the entire design process, and for us, epitomizes the basic environmental realities of a project. We believe that in general, when designers choose to neglect these basic realities, they end up with undesirable results- sloppy buildings with no regard to the surroundings, or flashy designs rooted in vanity and ego. The north arrow itself, on the other hand, is in its essence rooted in reality and humble to nature- the basis by which creativity flows.

In addition to being mindful of its surroundings, North Arrow Studio’s work is refined, crafted with pride, and deceptively uncomplicated. Our spaces are beautiful and practical, and they reveal themselves slowly. Our work does not cry for attention, but instead speaks softly through a design language that strikes a balance between the familiar and what is new. We strive to find harmony and connectivity between the interior and exterior of the building and its environment.

We are influenced by the traditions of modern design, but our work always begins with an analysis of the unique characteristics of the site and the needs of our clients. We work with clients on all types of designs and budgets. Our success relies on our belief that effective design work is achieved through collaboration, respect and hard work

By: Brian Linder