A Tale of Two Builders

David Plick — 

21In this day and age of digital machines the DIY is a dying breed. And it’s so sad because there’s something so invigorating about someone who chooses to use their body, mind, and spirit to create something. And in the case of 908 W James Street, there’s not one but two DIY geniuses crafting everything in the most natural of ways–with their hands (and also their souls, but I’ll try to not be too esoteric).


Genius #1:

Adam Young is a woodworker. He came to Austin in 1994 for skateboarding and punk music, but like many of us who come to a city with a dream, we end up doing so much more than the original thing that brought us there. In 2010 he founded Old Crow and built projects such as the Yellow Jacket Social Scene and Javelina. For any of you that aren’t familiar with these places, he makes these gorgeous, rustic Americana pieces. He makes Clint Eastwood the bar of his dreams. Adam Young takes his dreams and makes them a reality.

Genius #2:

After being a graphic designer for five years in San francisco, David Clark realized his passion was in building things you could touch, interact with, and sit on, which is why his company, Kartwheel Craftsmanship, specializes in custom designed furniture. In addition to many well-known projects, such as Photo Studio and Angelina, he also has had art galleries show his work, including the show Wood Home.


These guys are so Austin, it’s crazy. Two DIY guys who build with their hands, while utilizing spare parts if they can find them. They’re artists and entrepreneurs, that rare combination of creativity, ingenuity, and innovation, all the while blending their talents with an Americana aesthetic. The chemical reaction of all of these qualities could only happen in a city like Austin, which through its openness and dedication to thoughtful design, gives them the artistic range to allow their work to grow.

908 W James Street isn’t just a house. It’s a piece of Austin’s cultural and artistic history.

By: David Plick

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