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Image via flickr @leiris202.

Three hours north of Los Angeles lies an architectural experience all aficionados must experience: Poly Canyon Architectural Design Village. Reminiscent of Storm King in New Windsor, New York, every spring since the 1960’s, students from Cal Poly’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design in San Luis Obispo, California have competed in Design Village, a contest where students build structures that they must inhabit for a weekend during Cal Poly’s Open House. Design Village is located on a 9-acre property behind campus, a vast expanse of hills and diverse greenspace.

Metamorphosis, 2012 (Source: Design Village Conference: Cal Poly)

Every year there is a different theme for the competition:  from 2008’s “Mission to mars” to 2014’s “Biologics.” Last year the theme was “Essence.” The theme for 2018 has yet to be announced.

Design Village is an evocative reminder that as far as humans go with technology, we cannot be removed from our physical environment.

Biologics, 2014 (Source: Design Village Conference: Cal Poly)


By: David Plick