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Once seen as a fringe company, Airbnb isn’t only for backpackers from Berlin looking to party in LA for the weekend. The company, now valued at $31 billion with over 4 million listings in 191 countries, has recently entered the “experience” market, hoping to attract locals and travelers alike to encounter neighborhoods, restaurants, and social events they wouldn’t normally have access to. But there’s another exciting advantage that we see—this access also applies to Los Angeles architectural real estate.

The question may remain: why stay in someone’s house when you can stay in your own?

For several reasons. First, let’s say you’re looking to buy a house in a new neighborhood you’re not very familiar with. Entering someone’s home for a week in Silver Lake or Pasadena, you can get a sense of what it would be like to actually live there (you never know what a commute really feels like until you do it yourself). Or, if you’re not scouting out locations for a new home, you can always take advantage of the “staycation”—that time when you get to feel like a tourist again in your own fantastic city.

I scouted out some interesting Los Angeles architectural real estate on Airbnb, all of which is listed for under $250/night.

Geometric Openness in Silver Lake, $225 per night

Photo from Property Airbnb Listing

With an open floor plan design inspired by Neutra and Schindler, this home, by architect Tom Marble, AIA, is made of custom steel. The hexagonal geometry of the rooms still flow from space to space with lines that may seem harsh but are completely softened by the surrounding colors and Japanese furniture. It’s an elegant, minimal home on the hillside in Silver Lake with amazing views of the reservoir.

Malibu Midcentury Modern, $175 per night

Right next to the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica mountains is this sleek and simple midcentury modern home. There are floor to ceiling windows that surround you with amazing views of the ocean; raw concrete floors yet a warm sense of comfort and hominess.

High Rise Penthouse in K-Town, $199 per night

With panoramic views of Los Angeles this listing allows you to experience life in the sky. This penthouse apartment is in The Vermont, a building which is conveniently located, trendy, and with luxurious amenities, but is also LEED certified.

Minimalist A-Frame, $249 per night

Photo from Property Airbnb Listing

This is such a unique home. It starts off as a simple A-frame but becomes a wild art project. The roof is asymmetrical but there are also uneven lines on the inside. Not to mention large glass walls allow an abundance of natural light.

Sculptural Design in Malibu, $162 per night

This monolith makes you feel like you’re staying in a temple, which is perfect because you’re in the most zen part of Los Angeles—Malibu Canyon.

Remember: you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire or a broke architecture student to experience Los Angeles architectural real estate. With Airbnb, anyone can inhabit these spaces and learn from their experience.

By: David Plick