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Buckminster Fuller – Dome Over Manhattan (1961)

Sometimes ideas are just too innovative for their time period: the first electric car, for instance, came 150 years too early, and if Friendster had waited just a few more to launch, we’d all be “Friendster-ing”. It’s these initial fails that pave the way for their far more successful predecessors. Who knows, though, when these failed ideas will resurface to make an impact on our daily life? This September an exhibition is coming to Queens Museum to show us that, and make us rethink how we always viewed New York City—Never Built New York. Inspired by the A+D Architecture and Design Museum’s exhibit Never Built Los Angeles, this exhibition will chronicle the past 200 years of projected, yet ultimately abandoned projects in New York City. It is a reminder that New York always strives to reinvent itself, to search for originality.

Never Built New York is brought to you by Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, writers for the Architectural Record, The Architect’s Newspaper, and many other journals. The exhibit is designed by Christian Wassman.

One last thing—they need your help! In order to make this alternate New York reality complete, they need to raise $35,000. Currently, as of May 25th, they have about $15,000. Please support this fantastic show by visiting their Kickstarter here.

By: David Plick