Home Inspectors in Austin

Experienced, qualified home inspectors in Austin , TX:

Todd Sterling, AIA – T.Sterling & Associates

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Todd Sterling is uniquely qualified to provide home inspection services. He is a licensed architect (TBAE#25148) and a licensed professional building inspector (TREC#4843). Todd has a professional degree in Architecture from USC. One area of his studies while attending the School of Architecture at USC was the restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings. Since entering the home inspection business in 1991, Todd has completed more than 9,000 home inspections. He has developed a loyal following among the central Texas real estate community and is known for his thorough, detailed inspection work. Todd brings a unique combination of skill, knowledge and experience to every inspection he is involved and looks forward to assisting with your home inspection needs.

Steve Canon – Apex Home Inspections 

(512) 891-7600  | [email protected]website

Apex Home Inspection provides certified home inspection services in Central Texas. Our Service area includes Austin and Round Rock Texas. As full time professional home inspectors, we have performed more than 14,000 inspections through central Texas. E&O and General Liability Insured. State Licensed by (TREC) Chris Nowling #2123, Steve Cannon #3440 & (SPCB) business license #11811. In the home Inspection industry it is easy to scare people. It is much more difficult to educate them. We prefer educating people.

Bret Tutor – Austin Property Doctors

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Texas inspectors are only required to do a “visual” inspection, and the truth is that we don’t even have to use any tools, and many inspectors don’t. But we didn’t become one of the fastest growing inspection companies in the state by doing the bare minimum. We do quite a bit of extra work for you, at no additional charge to you. We just feel that you should get all of the information, documentation including extra photos of issues and education on your home that we ourselves would want if we were buying the home for ourselves. (see more)

John Garrett – Inspector Garrett

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John Garrett offers real estate and wood destroying insect inspections in Austin, TX.

Roland Huettel – Eco Inspections

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Roland Huettel is an experienced inspector who knows what to looks for. Eco Inspections offer seven essentials that in you should expect from your home inspector (without paying extra) : experience, an on-site printed summary, a same day online report with photos, guaranteed second story roof access, code certification, seven days a week service, and Supra key access.

Gary Parsons – All Clear Home Inspections

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We offer complete inspection services for your potential new home, to protect your family & your wallet. With an ALL CLEAR inspection, you will come away completely informed of the issues & problems in your chosen house, from strictly cosmetic flaws to major safety hazards. The information you gain from our inspector will help save you money, both at the closing table as well as years into your home ownership, and more importantly will help you keep your family safe, secure, & healthy in your new home.

Tim Kallmer – Engineered Real Estate Inspection

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Founded in 2002, Engineered Real Estate Inspection has the experience, education, and resources necessary to provide the best in home inspection services. The company represents the culmination of desire and dedication to assist current and potential homeowners with their most important asset. This is an unbiased, professional company, and is not affiliated with any other companies, builders, or contractors. I am interested only in giving you the most thorough and accurate information regarding your home. A veteran in the construction field and registered professional engineer, principal, founder and owner, Timothy Kallmer, has sixteen years of construction consulting and design experience as a mechanical engineer. I specialize in residential real estate inspections, specifically of single- and multi-family dwellings.