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Alliance Real Estate Inspections
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As always, we pride ourselves in detailed inspections and exceptional reporting, while being diplomatic to all parties. All our inspectors are knowledgeable, professional and approachable. They’ll take the time with your client so they aren’t alarmed unnecessarily.

John White Sewer Line Video Inspection
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John White Certified Sewer Line Video Inspection is a leader in the optical inspection of sewer line systems. We are certified experts using the best video and fiber optics equipment on the market. We are also very long on experience, and yet old-fashioned in ways that bring added value to our customers.

Patrick Byrd Drainology
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Home owners and buyers should not complete the buying transaction without knowing the condition of the sewer line. Patrick’s Drainology performs sewer inspections using a small video camera. The images are displayed on a monitor and recorded to dvd. Patrick’s Drainology also submits a written report with each inspection, often times revealing obstructions by tree roots, damaged or worn out pipes. The recorded images and report gives the specific location where the faulty sections need to be replaced by your plumber.

Z&H Plumbing
(855) 500-7473

The group of plumbers at Z&H Plumbing is equipped with the special truck and tools to visually inspect interiors of the pipes. We can watch live the interiors and also record the process of inspection. The lasers incorporated into camera help to determine the size of the pipe and collect all other data to make sure future decisions are based on a relevant information.

Padilla Plumbing
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Padilla Plumbing is family owned and operated.  We take personal interest in making sure that all our customers are satisfied with our price and quality of service.  We have been in business since 1985.  Most of our business comes from Personal Referrals. Here at Padilla Plumbing we take pride in providing the best service to all our customers.  Our highly qualified veteran plumbers are dedicated to maintaining high standards expected by you, our valued customer.